Welcome to
NY Smart Start

Cogito Ergo Sum - I Think Therefore I am

Welcome to Our Home-School

NY Smart Start is the first center of its kind, that offers students a chance to experience a real childhood. Teachers take their time to let students express themselves, share ideas, and beliefs. A perfectly balanced day of classes and breaks, allows for social interaction, which is so necessary in child development. Trips to different destinations allow for hands-on learning.

NY Smart Start offers a wide spectrum of classes to ensure exposure to all subdivisions of study. We are proud to teach our children ethics and etiquette classes on the daily basis. Our educational center blossoms with happy children who want to come here and learn, without the added stress of never-ending testing.


2755 East 26th Street Brooklyn NY 11235





Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 8am - 7pm Saturday: 9am - 4pm