Pre-Kindergarten Program

We offer a chance to engage in real-schooling with aspects of play and socialization for our Smarties. Being naturally curious, children have a natural sense of self-exploration and discovery. Facilitating young minds with hands-on activities and academics we enhance senses of natural awareness, logical reasoning, and critical thinking. All of which are foundations of an intellectually stimulating mind.

For kids ages 3-5, we offer full-day and half-day options.

Classes include, but not limited to:


English Language Arts




Montessori Activities

Lego Club





Social Studies

Kindergarten-8th Grade Program

​Daily and affordable program for kids in grades K-8. General Education classes are conducted daily, with additional one-on-one help sessions available for kids who need extra attention. Classes include general education requirements implemented by the Department of Education: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Logic, and Essay Skills.

Our students have a unique opportunity to participate in clubs and extracurricular lessons such as:

Language (learn to read and write in Russian)

Theater classes

Geography Classes

History/ Social Studies

Arts and Crafts

Music Program

Lego Engineering




We work hard to teach students to love books. Students receive instruction from multiple teachers with emphasis on grammar, writing, and comprehension.


Writing is approached from a fun perspective, which allows students to express themselves and learn to love to write.


We focus on multiple schools of pedagogy for better comprehension of mathematics. Students learn to analyze, use critical thinking, and implement math to their daily lives.


Whether you are part of our early- learner program or a middle school learner, science is a daily class offered to all.

We believe in hands-on learning for every subdivision of science discipline.


Geography is taught  with a multi-sensory approach.  We study maps, create our own models and build earth formations with a variety of materials. Each student has their own passport that they update once they have completed the study of a specific area.

Physical Education

Physical Activity is a crucial part of our school day. Each lesson is followed by a break to allow students to rest from academics.

We love to end our day with a yoga or aerobics class, giving students an energy boost for their second half of the day.