Summer Camp

NY Smart Start Summer Camp

        Welcome! NY Smart Start is excited to extend an opportunity for a fun and engaging program to all our campers.

Each day, we will have fun and engaging activities for the kids. Academics, fun, and hands-on learning will still stay the focus of the program.

Each child will need a bathing suit, a towel, a change of clothes, and shoes.


We plan to integrate a lot of visits to museums, as well as lots of movement.


General Information

        NY Smart Start offers an extraordinary day camp program, supplemented by a fantastic range of age-appropriate activities to appeal to every camper. Our program provides a unique blend of academics, creative arts, and interactive play in a safe, warm, nurturing, and FUN environment.


The quality of our program is second to none and each of our campers receive personalized attention from experienced teachers, instructors, and activity specialists. In everything we do, we emphasize having fun, building self-confidence, and developing friendships through teamwork…that’s what camp is all about! With daily healthy hot lunch and snacks, we offer the perfect program for every camper.

Each week in our camp bears a special theme. Kids get to experience a full immersion into the program based on the theme of the week. All lessons and activities are then centered around that specific theme.

Sample days are available in a separate Camp Schedule Packet; these are based on what was covered in last year’s camp.

Camp start week is July 5th. Each session will be weeklong. Our end date is September 2nd,2022. There are options for joining the camp for one week, two weeks, four weeks, six weeks, and eight-week slots.

For more information about last year’s camp, picture and more be sure to check


        Our head teachers are all Licensed by Department of Education. Each session will have two teachers work side by side to ensure that your child is receiving quality education. Our helpers are generally student teachers, fulfilling their fieldwork internships in our school.


        Our helpers are generally student teachers, fulfilling their fieldwork internships in our school.The answer is quite simple. We work with a 6:1 ratio, where students receive as much individualized attention as they can possibly need. During the summer, we engage in more interactive education.

        Although camp is more interactive and less rigorous than the academics of the school year, there is undeniably an essential academic component to it. NY Smart Start camp is structured to help students prepare for the next academic year, addressing the problem points and bolstering the strengths.

Feel free to download our contract to view policies, sample days, questions and answers section.