After School Clubs

We are happy to welcome incoming students to join our large selection of clubs to cater to each student's ability and talent.

Please find an overview of all the clubs offered below:


Mondays: Design Club (Open to Kids Ages 6-10)

This club will help kids learn how to design their own supplies, holiday ornaments, and accessories. Students will learn the basics of sewing and knitting. The goal- is to have kids interact in a friendly environment, while having fun using their imagination and creativity.

Mondays: History Club (Open to Grades 3-8)

The History Club is a home for students who are passionate about the study of history and want to explore that passion in new and exciting ways. Throughout the year, members of the club have conversations about historical issues; organize social awareness events; interact with guest speakers from universities; host fun movie and game nights; and experience historically significant places on field trips.
The group will have outings to Historical places in New York


Tuesdays, Thursdays: Media/ Coding Club (Open to Kids in Grades 4-8, 9-12)

The Media club is open to all 4-8 grade students, but seats are limited, so there is a selection process that students will have to go through.

Wednesdays: Art Club (Open to all ages)

Our engaging Art Program includes instruction in Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media, Found Object Art, Cartooning, and Watercolor Painting. Our journey will begin with some basics, ranging from learning about colors schemes, color wheels, and the need for artwork. Throughout this journey, students will have a great opportunity to learn some background knowledge about each thematic lesson associated with a specific artist or historic epoque.


Monday, Thursday: Choir Club (open to all ages)

The Choral Music program is designed to enhance the musical, creative and expressive qualities of all students. Musical opportunities are provided for every student to learn the basic skills of singing, playing and reading music, developing song repertoire, broadening listening skills and experiencing the interrelated nature of music with other cultures and content areas.

Thursdays: Creative Writing (Grades 4-8)

Creative Writing Club will encourage student passion for writing while also working to improve their writing skills. Students will work independently, cooperatively and with the whole group to write and share ideas while learning to provide and receive constructive feedback.

Thursdays: Passport to the World (Grades K-4; 6-8)

Main goals/events: Promote greater appreciation for and understanding of geography among the students of different ages.
Provide students with unique opportunities, such as tasting ethnic cuisine, understanding culture, and learning about traditions.

Fridays: Drama Club (Grades 3-8)

Drama Kids develops all kids. This program is a place where all children, from the shy to the outgoing can develop at their own pace, with plenty of positive encouragement.

Our specialty is using a wide range of unique drama activities in our children’s acting classes to focus the bold, outspoken child and to draw out the quiet child or the inarticulate child and help them reach into themselves to discover their full potential.