Our School

Letter from the Principal

Dear Families,

Welcome to NY Smart Start, a community where your constructive involvement really does make a difference. Whether it is volunteering in a classroom or helping your child with academics, your efforts have a direct impact on daily life in our school. We hope that over time, you too will love being part of our community. Through careful observation and thoughtful conversation, our staff, families and students work together to navigate today’s complex and shifting educational landscape. We invite you to find your own unique ways to contribute to this process. Our children are always watching us; so much of their learning takes place in subtle ways. They learn from our attitudes and our actions, as well as from our words. This is why, as adult members of the community, we all do our best to treat each other with kindness and consideration. We work to balance our own needs and wishes with those of the people around us. In this way, we become a community that values both individual success and collective well-being. We understand that by upholding these values as adults, we are creating an environment that will encourage our children to do the same. Certainly, this is an ambitious undertaking, but a worthwhile one. 

Welcome to the family!​

​With Love,
Nicky Yakhyaeva

Meet our Teachers

Nicky Yakhyaeva
Head Teacher
Alexandra Shynder
Russian Language and Russian Literature Teacher
Shukhrat Yakhyaev
Science and Social Studies
Victoria Maslov
Music Teacher
Heidi Bedrossian
English Teacher
Gordon Roecker
English Language Arts Instructor
Lika Bezchastnova
Vocal, Drama Teacher
Mirey Agarunova
ELA Specialist
Lubov Orel
Mental Math Teacher